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Saturday, 27 June 2015، 10:25 AM

Greeting Video

KPOP Update: Starship Entertainment forms partnership with China's YUEHUA Entertainment.

"Two Hearts in One Voice: Yuehua and Starship Entertainment forms synergy, embarks into the Asian market YUEHUA and Starship Entertainment partner up and signed a strategic mutual management contract on April 6, 2015 to fully accelerate into the Asian market.

Breaking through the industry, both companies strive to achieve mutual benefit-promoting in both Korea and China to help each other widen activities in various fields. In this light, Yuehua Entertainment CEO Du Hua commented that she is very pleased to establish partnership with Starship, and hoped that both sides can use each other's strengths to establish a new cultural bridge between China and Korea.

Starship will be utilizing the production and marketing skills of Yuehua Entertainment, to accelerate their venture in China and in turn, they will also manage Yuehua artists from Korea to help them become stars who are known in both countries. YUEHUA is home to artists Bibi Zhou, Hangeng and boy group UNIQ while Starship manages SISTAR, K.Will, Boyfriend and upcoming group Monsta X.

Yuehua and Starship, with their new found synergy aims to mark a spread beyond Asia into the global market."

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it's good that put English news but  leader are you sure that another s can  understand English too??????!?!?
i didnt have time to translate it though!!! anyway others can read it i mean the foreigner who visited my webpage!!! kkk

OMG.... who is she or he ???
i dont know, why should i know?!!!!
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